Factory Accident Claims

If you have been involved in a factory accident at work through no fault of your own, our team of highly qualified, experienced solicitors are on hand to assist you with pursuing a claim for compensation you may be entitled to.

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Make your factory accident claim with experienced solicitors on your side

Every year, factory workers across the country instruct our team of factory accident specialists for legal advice and help to pursue a claim for injuries sustained whilst at the workplace.

Our dedicated team has secured a nationwide reputation of being one of the most reputable law firms in the country, so you can be rest assured that if you are thinking about making a claim for a work accident related-injury, you have come to the right place.

At Your Accident at Work Claims, our team have successfully pursued cases for factory workers and continue to play an integral part in providing the support and rehabilitation our clients need.

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Know your legal rights after an accident at work

Your employer has a legal responsibility to take reasonable care for your safety and to make sure that your working environment is safe for you to work in.

If these your employer does not do this, it could be deemed to have put you at risk and could be held liable for the accident you suffered and the injuries you sustained.

Providing Evidence to support you Factory Work Accident Claim

Every individuals set of circumstances can vary but broadly speaking, here are a few examples of the type of evidence we will ask you to supply us with to strengthen your claim:

  • Documented evidence of your injury at work;
  • The contact details of the person your injury was reported to;
  • The contact details of your GP or local medical establishment you have received medical attention from;
  • The contact details and position of any witnesses who were present at the time the accident occurred;
  • The contact details of the GP who has prescribed any form of medical treatment you have received and who may have signed you off work;
  • Any copies of any medical prescriptions you have had to pay for;
  • Any copies of any other reasonable expenses you have incurred as a result of your injury.

All of the above will help to our dedicated team of solicitors put together a strong claim against your employer.

Your solicitor will also advise you if there is any further information or evidence they may need to assist in pursuing your case.

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Compensation amounts for factory injury claims

All accident at work claims differ in nature and the amount of compensation awarded may vary. Here at Your Accident at Work Claims, our team of expert accident at work solicitors work tirelessly to help hundreds of people across the country who turn to us for help to claim accident at work compensation.

However, we have put together a compensation guide that will provide you with an insight into the different types of compensation amounts that can be claimed for.

In addition to the compensation amounts you may be entitled to claim for, with regard to ‘general damages’, you may also be entitled to claim for ‘special damages’ too, for example any financial losses you have incurred.

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