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Claim the maximum compensation after an accident at work

Infographic: What can you claim for after an accident at work?

If you have suffered an accident at work that was not your fault, it is only right that you will want to receive compensation for the injuries you have suffered and your financial losses.

At Your Accident at Work Claims, our specialist team of solicitors regularly help people receive the compensation they deserve after suffering injuries caused by an accident at work. We understand the impact a work accident can have and support our clients to receive compensation for all aspects of their injury.

You can find out more about what you can make a claim by taking a look at the infographic below:

Infographic explaining how accident at work compensation is calculated

How your accident at work compensation is calculated

When making a claim, many people are unsure how the compensation they receive is calculated.

The different parts of your compensation listed in the graphic are known as ‘heads of loss’. The purpose of compensation is to put the claimant back into the position they would have been in but for the accident.

Compensation will normally be broken down into 2 sections, General Damages and Special Damages.

General Damages are awarded for non-monetary losses such as the pain, suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA) caused by the accident. Special Damages are for losses that can usually be measured in monetary terms i.e. medical expenses or loss of income.

Find out how much your claim is worth today

By speaking to the specialist solicitors at Your Accident at Work Claims, you can quickly discover what you could be entitled to make an accident at work claim for.

Our friendly claims advisers will discuss the circumstances of your accident with you and any impact the accident has had on your wellbeing and ability to work. We can then advise on which heads of loss may apply to your claim.

How to contact our the team at Your Accident at Work Claims

To talk to one of our experienced solicitors about making a claim, call us now on 0800 01 54321.

Or, if you’d prefer to arrange a call back with a member of our team, you can start your claim online here.

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