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Can you make a claim for compensation after suffering a needlestick injury at work?

Unfortunately in some areas of employment, workers are more susceptible to suffering from injuries following accidents within the workplace than others.

For example, employees who work for the council or in construction are at a higher risk of suffering from what are known as ‘needlestick’ injuries.

Subsequently, our latest article provides expert information on needlestick injuries, and guides you on how to make a claim for accident at work compensation if either you or a loved one has suffered from this form of injury.

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Have you suffered from a needlestick injury at work?

A needlestick injury is the name given to describe when someone’s skin is punctured by a sharp, contaminated object.

Many needlestick injuries arise as a result of medical accidents, for example when needles or scalpels are accidentally used on more than one patient.

Unnervingly, needlestick injuries can also occur within the workplace when employees deal with the handling or disposal of needles and sharps.

They can often lead to severe complications, such as the risk of developing a number of major illnesses such as tetanus, hepatitis and HIV.

In many cases needlestick injuries at work are avoidable, and can be easily prevented by providing workers with suitable safety equipment and sufficient training.

However, you can secure justice if your employer has failed to meet their duty of care.

If you have suffered a needlestick injury within the last three years as a result of your employers’ negligence, then by contacting us you could secure the compensation you are due by making an accident at work claim.

To speak to one of our legal specialists with regards to making a claim, simply provide us with a few quick details regarding your case and start your claim online.

Is there anything that you can do to support your claim?

At Your Accident at Work Claims, we understand how traumatic an experience it can be if either yourself or a loved one has suffered from a needlestick injury as a result of negligence on your employers’ part.

This is why our legal team are devoted to helping those who have suffered injuries following accidents at work secure the maximum amount of compensation that they deserve, in the quickest possible time.

In light of this, our personal injury experts have provided some key steps for you to take once you if you have suffered a needlestick injury at work, and have decided to pursue compensation.

They are as follows:

  • Seek medical attention

Your health is paramount, therefore if you suffer a needlestick injury it is crucial that you seek medical attention at your earliest possible convenience.

  • Report your accident

Furthermore, it is also vital that you report your accident to your manager or HR department, so that it can be logged in the suitable documentation.

Also by doing this, not only will procedures be put in place to stop similar incidents from reoccurring, but you will also gain valuable evidence that can be used to help support your claim further down the line.

  • Gather additional evidence

On top of the accident report, you can also gather additional forms of evidence that can assist in boosting your claim’s chances of success.

This can include photos, videos or witness statements by any of your co-workers that were president when your accident happened.

You should also keep a record of any additional expenses you’ve incurred as a result of your injuries (for example medication costs, mileage to appointments, loss of earnings and personal care) and retain receipts, invoices and payslips where applicable.

  • Speak to a legal specialist

We recommend that you speak to a legal expert who has a wealth of experience in helping people who have been in a similar position to yourself.

Many workers who are struck with injury are left undercompensated by either accepting hasty compensation settlements from their employer or by not seeking a claim at all.

When you speak to us at Your Accident at Work Claims, you can be sure that a litigation expert will be dedicated to your case, working to secure the compensation you are due in full.

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