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Claim for work injuries caused by defective equipment

Defective work equipment injuries: How can you make a claim?

Whilst at work, the very minimum that you require is for the equipment that you are using to be both safe to use and fully functional.

However, disappointingly the legal experts at Your Accident at Work Claims regularly hear from employees who have sustained injuries as a consequence of working with faulty equipment.

Therefore by using the experience gained from previously helping employees claim for compensation, our specialist personal injury team have compiled a guide on how to successfully make a defective work equipment injury claim.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been injured in the workplace after using faulty equipment, then you do not have to suffer in silence. Secure justice for your ordeal by calling our team now on 0800 01 54321.

Have you suffered from a defective work equipment injury?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of employees are hampered by workplace injuries, with faulty work equipment being responsible for a considerable percentage of these cases.

Your employer is legally obliged to ensure that both you and your colleagues are kept safe whilst at work.

To do this, your employer should be regularly inspecting equipment and machinery to make certain that they are fit for purpose, provide adequate protective equipment to all staff and also ensure that health and safety assessments are frequently undertaken.

If these precautionary measures are not taken, and unnervingly sometimes this is the case, employees can be involved in incidents that subsequently result in them suffering from potentially major injuries.

For example, workers who are regularly in contact with defective equipment are at risk of:

  • Suffering falling injuries
  • Being struck by objects
  • Being struck against stationary objects
  • Suffering crush injuries
  • Suffering injuries through direct contact with machinery

In some cases, unfortunately the ramifications following these incident can be majorly severe. However you may be able to secure justice by making a no win no fee accident at work compensation claim.

Are you eligible to make a defective work equipment claim?

If you have suffered an injury as a result of faulty work equipment, you are probably wondering how you can secure justice for your ordeal.

At Your Accident at Work Claims, our legal team has over 30 years in helping employees make successful accident at work compensation claims.

As long as your employer is liable for your injury, and the incident you were involved in has occurred within the last three years, we may be able to assist you too.

If we pursue your claim, a dedicated member of our personal injury team will work tirelessly to secure you a settlement for general damages, which is for any pain, suffering or loss of amenity that your injury has caused.

For more information on how much you could be entitled to in general damages, why not check out our compensation calculator here.

On top of this, you will also be entitled to special damages. Special damages covers any out of pocket expenses that will have incurred following your injury, such as loss of income, medical expenses or travel expenses.

For more information on specifically how much your claim is worth, contact the experts at Your Accident at Work Claims today.

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