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A guide on how to make a claim for broken arm compensation following a workplace accident

As an employee, your employer has a duty to keep you safe from any possible causes of hazard or harm.

However, unfortunately hundreds of thousands of workers suffer from injuries each year as a result of an accident that was caused by the negligence of their employer.

According to the latest statistics that have been released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 45% of workplace accidents last year resulted in injuries to the arms and neck.

So in this article, the Your Accident at Work Claims team provide you with a full guide on how to make a clam for compensation after suffering from a broken arm at work.

Are you entitled to make a broken arm compensation claim?

No matter how serious your arm injury is, if you can prove that the damage was caused by an employer’s failure to protect your welfare then you have a right to make a claim.

However, it is important to note that you are only eligible to make a claim if the incident that led to your injury has occurred within the last three years.

Many workers who have been affected by having their arm broken at work through no fault of their own or unaware that they can claim compensation for the ordeal that they have had to endure.

If you feel as though you may be entitled to launch a claim of your own, then get in touch with the legal specialists here at Your Accident at Work Claims now by calling 0800 01 54321 today.

How much compensation can you expect to receive after suffering a broken arm at work?

If your broken arm claim is accepted by our specialist legal team, then the pay-out that you will receive for your injury will depend solely on the extent of damage that you have endured.

  • Simple fractures

For simple fractures to bones in the forearm such as the radius or ulna, you can expect to receive a pay-out of £5,810 – £16,830 depending on the seriousness of your breaks.

  • Less severe injuries

For broken arm injuries where you have suffered from severe disabilities, however a substantial degree of recovery has taken place or is to be expected, you are likely to receive £16,830 – £34,340 in compensation

  • Injuries resulting in permanent or substantial disablement

If you have suffered from serious fractures that have resulted in a cosmetic or functional permanent disability of your arm(s), then your claim is probably worth from £34,340 to £52,490.

  • Severe injuries

If your accident was majorly serious and have left you little better off than if your arm(s) had been amputated, then you should expect to receive in the region of £84,310 – £114,810 in compensation.

It is also crucial to remember that these guidelines are solely for the injuries that you suffered, and other factors such as if you have suffered mentally due to your ordeal or if you have had to spend a considerable amount of time of work could also affect your pay-out.

Find out if you can secure broken arm compensation today!

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