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Could making an accident claim affect your job?

Could making an accident at work claim affect my job?

When our legal experts speak to people who have suffered from injuries that have been caused by an accident in the workplace, we are regularly asked whether bringing a claim will affect their job status.

It is understandable for you to be concerned about what might happen regarding your job after suffering an accident at work, however your employer cannot simply dismiss you for making a claim for compensation after suffering an injury during your shift.

So In this article, our dedicated legal specialists explain how the law protects you when you decide to make an accident at work compensation claim.

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Your employer has a legal responsibility for your health and safety

Your employer has a legal responsibility to make sure that your working environment is safe, that you have suitable protective clothing and that you have received adequate training.

Furthermore your employer is also obligated to insure itself against potential accident claims and in this regard, the matter is likely to be dealt with by the Insurer as opposed to your employer directly.

If you have suffered from an injury as a result of a workplace accident within the last three years, and your employer is liable for the damage caused, then you are entitled to make a claim for accident at work compensation.

To quickly discover whether or not you are eligible to launch a claim, simply answer a few quick questions regarding your case and start your claim online.

Your legal right to make a claim

If you have a legal right to make a claim after suffering an accident at work caused by health and safety failings, your employer cannot treat you unfavourably because you have brought a claim.

If you feel in any way that your position has been threatened because you have made a claim, you can speak to a solicitor about your case for further advice.

At Your Accident at Work Claims, we can refer you to our specialist employment law solicitors to provide you with any advice and support that you may need.

However thankfully, it is unusual for this situation to happen. In most cases our specialist solicitors regularly help clients claim the compensation they deserve, who later return to work.

Claims that our team specialise in

Unfortunately, workplace accidents can occur in any sector of employment.

However there are some areas where the Your Accident at Work Claims team have dealt with more frequently than others. Check out some of the areas where our legal tam specialise in below:

If you have suffered form an injury in any of the above sectors, then it is crucial that you contact one of our experienced legal advisors to discover whether or not you can secure justice for your ordeal.

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