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Securing accident at work compensation for a shoulder injury that required surgery

Compared to some of the other workplace injuries that our legal experts learn of, shoulder accidents are amongst those that are more commonly reported.

However, worryingly some workers are unaware that they can make a claim for compensation after suffering from a shoulder injury during work, even when they have required surgery for their ordeal.

Therefore in this article, the Your Accident at Work Claims team provide an expert guide on how to make a no win no fee workplace shoulder injury claim.

Have you suffered from a shoulder injury at work within the last three years through no fault of your own? If so, then contact one of our dedicated legal advisors to discover whether or not you can make a claim by calling 0800 01 54321 now.

Have you suffered from a shoulder injury because of an accident at work?

Hundreds of thousands of workplace accidents occur each and every year, and a large percentage of these result in workers suffering from painful shoulder injuries.

These incidents can consist of impact injuries caused by fall, trips and slips, or overuse injuries caused by the constant lifting or handling of heavy objects.

If you have fallen victim to shoulder injuries such as these due to the negligence of your employer, then you may be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation.

So if you think that you may be eligible to have a claim, follow these steps that our personal injury team have put together to give you the best possible chance of successfully securing compensation:

  • Look after yourself!

First and foremost your health is paramount, so it is crucial that you seek medical attention for your injury as soon as possible when necessary.

  • Report the incident

Once your health is in check, it is important that you let your manager and HR department aware of your injury. This way the incident will be logged, and therefore can be used as evidence to help support your claim.

  • Gather additional evidence

Any other evidence such as medical records, photos and videos can also boost your chances of making a successful claim.

How much compensation could you be entitled to for your shoulder injury?

Ultimately, the seriousness of your shoulder injury will dictate how much compensation you will receive for general damages.

If your shoulder injury was more severe and required major surgery, then obviously you will be entitled to more compensation than if you suffered a minor sprain.

To see how much you could claim, check out our guidelines below:

  • For minor shoulder injuries, the amount that you receive in compensation can be anything up to £6,920.
  • If you have suffered a moderate shoulder injury (e.g. with symptoms that persist for around 2 years) in the workplace that was not your fault, you are likely to be able to claim from £6,920 to £11,200.
  • If your workplace accident has left you burdened with a serious shoulder injury (e.g. where there is significant persisting pain or altered sensation and permanent restriction in movement), then typical awards range from £11,200 to £16,830 in compensation.
  • Finally if your shoulder injury is severe (e.g. resulting in a significant permanent disability), then typical awards are between £16,830 and £42,110.

How we can help you

The Your Accident at Work Claims team are fully aware of how traumatic it can be to suffer from a painful shoulder injury at work, so when claiming with us our legal team will handle all the legal aspects of your case to insure that your claim runs as smoothly as possible.

To speak to one of our dedicated legal experts today with regards to making an accident at work claim, simply call our personal injury helpline now on 0800 01 54321.

Or if you are unable to speak to our legal team over the phone right now, you can request for us to contact you at a more convenient time by starting your claim online.

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