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What are the typical compensation pay-outs for suffering a foot injury at work?

The latest stats that were revealed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) earlier this year show that over 600,000 workers suffered from non-fatal injuries from 2016-2017.

Every year our legal specialists help hundreds of those who have suffered foot injuries following workplace accidents, in securing the maximum amount of compensation that they deserve.

So in this article our trusted, established team of personal injury specialists supply an expert guide on how you can make a claim after suffering from a foot injury whilst at work.

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Are you entitled to make a foot injury compensation claim?

Providing the foot injury you have suffered was due to the negligence of your employer and within the last 3 years, the law in the U.K entitles you to pursue a claim for compensation.

At Your Accident at Work Claims, all the claims we handle are on a no win no fee basis, so you can also have peace of mind knowing that you will be at no financial risk whilst making a claim, even in the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful.*

With 30 years’ experience on your side, you can also be safe in the knowledge that your claim will be in the best of hands, allowing you to make a claim with the confidence that you will secure the maximum compensation and justice that you deserve.

So find out how much your foot injury is worth and begin your claim today.

How much compensation could you obtain after injuring your foot at work?

There are varying degrees of compensation for foot injury claims.

Dependent upon the severity of your injury, the impact this had had on your day-to-day lifestyle and any other reasonable financial losses you have incurred are all factors your solicitor will discuss with you and take into account as part of your claim.

Below we’ve set out the judicial guidelines for foot injury claims that are indicative towards the amount of compensation you may be entitled to claim:

Modest foot injuries such as simple fractures, ruptured ligaments and puncture wounds typically attract compensation awards from £2,150 up to £12,050.

For Moderate foot injuries where fractures have resulted in permanent deformity or continuing symptoms, you could expect to receive somewhere between £12,050 and £21,990.

For Serious foot injuries where there is continuing pain or traumatic arthritis and you are forced to receive prolonged treatment, you are likely to receive an award of between £21,990 and £34,370.

If you have suffered a severe foot injury such as the fracturing of both heels and feet, or an injury that has resulted in you having restricted mobility or left you with a considerable amount of permanent pain, you could claim from £36,800 to £61,410 in compensation.

If you have fallen victim to a very severe foot injury which has resulted in you battling permanent and severe pain or a serious permanent disability, then you are likely to be entitled to general damages in the region of £73,620 to £96,150.

You could be entitled to around £73,620 – £96,150 if your accident at work has meant that you have had to have one of your feet amputated.

If both of your feet have been amputated, then you can expect to receive anything between £148,540 and £176,660 in general damages.

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*Provided that you comply with your responsibilities under the terms of our Conditional Fee Agreement and unless the court make a finding of Fundamental Dishonesty and you lose QOCS protection (based on the current 14th edition of the Judicial College Guidelines).

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